Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who will be Cataclysm's big bad guy in the end?


This name comes to mind time and time again as I take in all the lore and quests around me in the this expansion. Allow me to explain. There are several events that have happened so far in this expansion that point to Sargeras. 

First, the Twilight Cultists refer to "The Master" when they speak if the person in charge, even Deathwing himself has referred to "The Master". People have speculated that the "head bad guy" in this expansion could be the Old Gods.  I'm not so sure about that.  First off there is the obvious problem in phrasing. Simply put, Old Gods can not me "THE" Master.  But, if you were to take it down to just one of the Old Gods, then that would put them back in the running. But there is more information that pulls it back away form the old gods.

Next, what is the one race that stopped Sageras from coming through to Azeroth and were a main force in repeatedly stopping the Burning Legion over and over again?  The Night Elves.  What is one of the only places to actually take a massive hit in Cataclysm? The Park District in Stormwind.  Now, yes, he has destroyed mountains in the badlands and re trashed the dame in Loch Modan, but The Park District is different.  Deathwing swoops down, obliterates the Park District, roars around Stormwind for a minute or two and then leaves.  Does not kill or trash anything else really.  Sure he messes up the front gate area a bit, but nothing like sending an entire district to the sea. This is even spoken of by some of the guards in Stormwind.  If Sargeras was "The Master", then Deathwing would be acting under instructions from Sargeras and would even be working to make his master happy.  So taking out an entire area of Night Elves would be a good start.

Now, it is confirmed that we will be getting a new Caverns of Time instance. This in itself is not too big a deal until you find out that it is taking us back to the War of the Ancients. This is where the Burning Legion and Sargeras first start to come to Azeroth for its power and to take over and bring chaos to the world. Blizzard is literally bringing us back to the events that changed the world as we know it and the events that would lead to the Burning Crusade expansion. Seems a bit odd to go there if the head bad guy here is one or all of the remaining Old Gods.

Now, I know what some people are saying. Sargeras is dead. Medivh's mother killed him in the past and buried his body in the Maelstrom. And that his essence went in to her an then in to Medivh who was later killed by Khadgar. This is all completely true according to lore and what has been seen in game. However, when Khadgar killed Medivh, it freed his soul from the essence of Sargeras. This did not destroy the essence, it only detached it from Medivhs soul, freeing him. Secondly, His mother never killed Sargeras, she merely destroyed his avatar that was on Azeroth. He himself never came through and is still in the twisting nether.  With his essence still in Azeroth, he could have been spending all this time gaining strength again and quietly building up an army on Azeroth to do his bidding

One other thing that I noticed that seems odd, Deathwing went almost straight for Uldum and recruited lackeys to help him get the power of the Origination Machine that is there in Uldum, left by the Titans. Now, how could he have know everything about that machine, that is was there and how it worked and what he needed his lackeys to go after? Well, if your boss was a crazy, insane demon version of a Titan that was once on the good guys team and helped to create Azeroth, you would know about the Origination machine and how to use it. And since, assuming he has no physical form at this point, Sargeras would have to recruit a lackey of his own to get get stuff done for him, enter Deathwing, who is already nuts and would be easily susceptible to the power that Sargeras could offer him.

Kinda starts you thinking, doesn't it?  Well, keep in mind that this is all just ideas that I have though about for awhile now and could be completely wrong. But you never know, there are a lot of things going on that do seem to point to Sargeras.  We will just have to wait and see.

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