Monday, June 27, 2011

A few things that will make you a better tank. Part 2

So, in my last blog, I covered that one thing that will make you a better thank is to put yourself in the healers shoes for about 20 levels.  Now, lets move on to dps.  Every tank should play two different dps classes.  One should be a melee and the other should be a mage since you get the ability to CC at a very low level.

Like before, level up to 10 and run BGs to get a better feel for shooting things that want to kill you more then spiders in Elwynn do. However, don't take off your heirloom.  In fact, you should have the highest and strongest possible enchants on that heirloom gear. As soon as you hit 15, queue for dungeons.  This is again where you will learn some good information and help you out as a tank.  You should have gotten Polymorph at lvl14 so every chance you get in a dungeon, CC something near the group that might be or was accidentally pulled.  Watch how the tank tends to ignore your CC and either hit it anyway or after the group is dead, walks past it like there is supposed to be a sheep walking around in Ragefire Chasm.

Now, you might be noticing that you are probably doing crazy dps with your heirloom gear on at this point and pulling mobs off the tank may be a bit on the easy side. You are now starting to understand that you might be under the tank on threat but it only takes 1 good crit to blow past him to make you run from the giant earth elemental screaming like a little girl as it pounds you in the face (ok, maybe that's just me that does that, lol).

Remember, dps are usually not totally fail or dumb.  They don't CC stuff to annoy you but rather to help out.  They don't mean to pull off you, sometimes a abnormally high crit happens.  Trust me, normal dpsers don't want to pull mobs off you and tank them.  They know that they can't take a hit like you can and don't want to try. You can always tell the good dps from the crazy epeen maniacs by whether they pull off you all the time or not.  You are always gonna run in to the epeen maniacs at some point or another, it can't be avoided.  That's what the pick feature is for.

Keep up the good work tanks, the world won't get anything done out there without you. Keep your eye out for the next part of this series on how to become a better tank.  Remember, no one is perfect and we all have room for improvement.

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