Friday, July 22, 2011

Racism in Warcraft? Really?

Todays blog is going to be a bit off topic as far as tanking information is concerned.....

Let me just start by saying I don't get it.  maybe it's the fact I'm as far from racist as one person can get.

I read a paper someone had written for a class of some sort about racism in the World of Warcraft.  I read the article and was just totally taken back.  First off, the persons information was based on what other people thought and said.  Out of all that, half the information was completely wrong.  For example, "The Darkspear trolls are clearly portrayed as weak since they were defeated by little merlocs and driven from their home."  This was just a small part of how they are portraying a section of our population in a negative way (I'll link the article at the bottom of this blog.).  Now I'm not one to nitpick stuff too badly, but when you are going to make a claim that anything is racist, you had better make sure your facts are in order and verified.  I think the biggest comment made by the author that condemned the entire paper was when he stated "I'd buy this game if they made some changes to remove the racist elements".  This right here states that he has not played it or not for any length of time that would allow a person to gather data to form a conclusion based on first hand knowledge. 

 Ok, now with that aspect out of the way.....

How in the wide wide world of sports could a game be racist?  It is based in a fake world where fake events happen based on fake evolutions/intergalactic nudging or evolution or species and how they interact with the world around them. To say that anything in a game such as WoW is, in my opinion, racist is completely absurd. People create things by taking elements from the world around them.  If you look at every character in WoW, you can see a mixing of cultures in each race. They all have good sides and dark pasts, this is what gives things in the game a bit more depth. But to sit back and say that the troll race represents 1 specific race here in the real world is ludicrous at best.  Why does it have to be about race in everything?  Why?  Please, to all my readers, please just enjoy the game you are playing.  If you still play WoW, enjoy it.  If you are getting ready for SW:TOR, then when you get it, enjoy it.  Don't pick apart a game and try to compare it to the real world. It's a game, a place to leave the world around us to play in a totally different environment where we can just have fun. Picking it apart only ruins and destroys a apart of the game that you can never get back.  Once you go down the path of picking things apart, you will not be able to look at the fun world you play in the same way again.

Here is the paper that was written:   Please feel free to express here in the comment section if you agree or disagree with me. All comments will be posted here as long as they are not rude or profane.

Please remember that this is my opinion and not to be taken as fact.  This is my feelings and opinions on the subject and I felt the need to express it here.   If you enjoy my blog, please take a moment to follow me, I'm also on twitter @neosroar.

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